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Group Photo From Membership Meeting, Sedona, August 2015

Front Row (L-R): Glenda Bokamper, Glendale; Sylvia Ossa, Sedona;
VP Patricia Wilson, Arizona City;  President Diana Stinemetz, Phoenix;
Ann Adams, Mesa; Elke Schreiber, Cornville; Janet Stetser, McNeal

Back Row (L-R): Tom Brennan, Guest; Susan Warren, Tucson;
Recording Secretary Jodi Day, Prescott; Joann Escobedo, Maricopa;
Ralph Richey, Scottsdale
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Front Row: Janet Stetser and Friend, Diana Seaton,
Patricia Wilson, Glenda Bokamper, Ann Adams

Back Row: Opal Knowles, Katherine Wickstrom
Ann Adams Explains Maternity Reflexology
Happy 15th Anniversary AZRA
Sedona Membership Meeting
August 8, 2015
AZRA Meeting, September 2001
AZRA Meeting, Casa Grande, October 2015
Thai Class, 2016

April 27 - 29, 2018

RAA 2018 Conference:
JAZZED about the Art and
Science of Reflexology!

The RAA 2018 conference will be held at the
Allegro Hotel in downtown Chicago from April
27th, 2018 through April 29, 2018.

The RAA Board has chosen the following 2018
conference speakers:
  • Stephenie Cooke: “YOU are the Art of
  • Dr. Jesus Manzaneres:  “Chronic Pain
    and It’s Treatment in Foot Reflexology”
  • Sarah Pruesker: “Support for
    Reflexology, from the National Institutes of
  • Dr. Steven Rosenblatt: “The Energetic
    Connections of Reflexology to the
    Acupuncture Meridian System: Its Use in
    Disease Prevention and Health
  • Susan Raskin, R.N.: “Jazzing Up The Art
    & Science of Reflexology: Safe Use of
    Aromatherapy & Therapeutic
    Communication in Practice”
  • Touchpoint (Peter & Dorthe): “It Don’t
    Mean a Thing If it Ain’t Got That Swing-
    New Ways to Stimulate That Swing in
    Your Clients”
  • Wendy Trubow, M.D.: “The Art of
    Balancing the Five Aspects of Health”

In addition to these amazing speakers RAA will
be hosting a Leadership Education &
Organizational Development (LE&OD)
workshop and the Delegate Assembly meeting!

The RAA conference is a great opportunity to
connect with people of like minds who share
your passion for Reflexology and it’s a great
opportunity to expand your knowledge.

The RAA Board and the Conference
Committee have been working to make this a
conference you will not want to miss!

Structural Reflexology Workshop
Click Here for a Flyer - PDF FLYER
Click Here for a Registration Form - REGISTER

When - Fri., May 18, (6 - 9 PM)
Sat. & Sun., May 19 & 20, 2018 (9 AM - 5 PM)

Where - SWIHA, 1100 E. Apache St., Tempe, AZ

Arizona Reflexology Association is pleased to announce
that Geraldine Villeneuve  will be giving a 19 hour
workshop on Structural Reflexology at SWIHA. (ARCB
credits available) Geraldine is the author of Put Your Best
Feet Forward.  She has been practicing Reflexology for 30
years.  Geraldine trademarked Structural Reflexology® in
2013 as a revolutionary motion to promote foot health
awareness by providing education for more healthful and
therapeutic options to resolve foot pain and compensation
in the body. Ultimately her goal is to encourage public
awareness to rise in a culture of individuals with vital feet
rather than a culture of foot-pain sufferers.

For more information:

  • Member Early Bird - $345.00 (until April 1, 2018)
    $50.00 reduction
  • Member - $395.00 (after April 1, 2018)
  • Non- Member Early Bird - $370.00, $25.00 reduction
  • Non-Member (after April 1, 2018) - $395.00

Fill out the Registration page and send to:
Arizona Reflexology Associations, Workshop
7320 N. La Cholla Blvd., Suite 154# 145
Tucson, Arizona, 85741 -2309