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Diana Sarisky

My name is Diana Sarisky, 55 and I live in the Cave Creek area. My interests are horseback riding, hiking, anything
to do with the outdoors/nature. My business "Point of Interest Therapy" is located in North Phoenix, Cave Creek

I was introduced to the healing effects of Reflexology by my father in 1978. I have continued this invasive reflex
technique on family and friends and became certified in 2012.  I continue to further my education on the
therapeutic use of essential oils, acupressure and Vertical Reflexology and making plans to expand into the equine
world as well. I will be studying to attain my ARCB national certification in 2016. I am currently a member of AZRA
and was recently nominated to the board as President, and also a professional member of RAA. My goal is to grow
our number of AZRA professional members by helping all practitioners by further educating them and who in turn
educate the public on this great modality and help each other expand our businesses in efforts to do this.  
Susan Warren
Vice President

I have always known that my mission in life is to help others and began my journey when I was very young, becoming a
professional in the healing arts in 1973 when I moved to Tucson from Germany. I have had several businesses but have
always been interested in psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, personal growth, Reflexology, meditation and yoga. My
Reflexology training and certification began with Martha Madsen in Tucson in 1985, then I studied with the International
Institute of Reflexology (The Ingham Method). I also studied with Sandi Rogers from Australia who wrote “Reflexognosy”,
and completed a certification course with Father Joseph from Taiwan. I continued my studies with Christine Stormer and
Sharon Stanthis. I have been nationally certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) since 1999. In
2000 I helped form AZRA and have been the President and Vice President in the past. In 1997 and then again in 2001 I
traveled to India and studied Reflexology with Mr. Sanjeev and Mr. Binod. During my 2001 pilgrimage I attended the
largest spiritual gathering in the world called the Maha Kumbha Mela in Allahabad, India. During that trip I met many
reflexologists. We formed the Indo-American Reflexology Association. I have practiced and taught Reflexology since1986
sending my students on to be certified by the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB). I have almost completed
my book on Reflexology and am also writing a book on intuition, spirituality, animals, and how to live life with a loving
attitude despite circumstances.
Join our group.
Jodi Day
Recording Secretary

I grew up in Ohio, moved to Clearwater, Florida in the early 80's and became a Massage Therapist shortly after. I
took all kinds of bodyworks classes along with many Reflexology courses along the way; discovering that I.I.R. was
the way to go to get my certification.

I do yoga two or three times a week, and I am an avid distance runner; have run over 35 marathons, a few 50K's
and a 50 mile run, so far. This is how I found Prescott!!! Came out here for some runs and fell in love with Arizona
and moved to Prescott, Arizona in 2012.

I am practicing Massage Therapy and Reflexology. What I would like to do is educate the public about the
importance and the benefit of Reflexology, (it is NOT a "foot massage"…).
Katherine Wickstrom

In 2003 Kathy had an opportunity to take Reiki as well as an intro Massage class. She then thought she would give
Reflexology a try and signed up for an intro Reflexology class at Desert Institute of the Healing Arts, with Deb
Kortyna as the instructor. She was thoroughly intrigued and went on to take the advanced class in the fall of 2005,
followed by taking the exam for national certification. Kathy received her national certification in November of 2006.
She continues to take continuing education classes on regular bases.

Her vision for AZRA is to see it continue as a viable entity for the Reflexology community here in Arizona . I am
willing to do my part to see AZRA continue to carry on here in Arizona as well as be represented in the national
community of Reflexologists.
Maj-Brith (Brit) Jolivet
Membership Secretary

Without a doubt my true inspiration to become a holistic therapist comes from my parents and natural ways of
growing up in Denmark on a farm raising organic chickens and eggs. I will never forget consuming extra virgin cod
liver oil served on a teaspoon…it had a pretty nasty taste and as a child I thought it was punishment in the purest
form. LOL!! In the summer we would pick elderberries and make yummy soup to freeze and consume during the
winter. From our neighbor we purchased fresh milk and meats and based upon lifestyle I think we had less sick
days. My wonderful life continued in the United States…without the cod liver oil ….Here I married a Texan and
US citizen and eventually moved to Tucson, Arizona. My first therapeutic class was in 2010 when I learned Reiki
level 1. My passion for this work continued with facial and foot reflexology, Cranio Sacral I-IV, Chi Nei Tsang
fundamentals and massage therapy. I am beyond grateful that I have been called to touch so many people with
these amazing modalities.  I look forward to continuing to learn, to support AZRA and to serve as the AZRA
membership secretary.